Entrance & Internal Doors Exmouth

Entrance and Internal Doors

A&A suply and fit doors for all areas in your home or work place. Our doors are available in a large selection of styles. Thanks to standard multiple-point locking, these inexpensive doors give you a feeling of security, save energy through excellent thermal insulation and provide a stylish appearance for your home or office.

Flush Fitting Doors

ThermoPro entrance doors will convince you with their contemporary design: A beautifully shaped, flush-fitting steel door leaf on the interior and exterior with a leaf frame on the inside simply looks good. The door view, flush-fitting from the inside, gives the impression of a residential internal door and blends perfectly with your houses interior.

Thermal Insulation

Nowadays, people try to save energy everywhere in their homes and ThermoPro doors also play their part. Thanks to a 46-mm or 65-mm-thick door leaf completely filled with PU rigid foam, these doors provide excellent thermal insulation, reducing your energy bills!

Break-in Resistant Locking

Because you and your family want to feel safe at home, all ThermoPro doors are equipped with multiple-point locking as standard for extra security. The hinge side of ThermoPro doors is secured with three security bolts. A continuous safety device strip secures ThermoPro Plus doors against forced opening, giving you a reassuring feeling.

Shatter Proof Glazing

ThermoPro doors are equipped with a double or triple glazing as standard. While the outside glazing consists of laminated security glass, the inside pane is safety glass, which means, should the pane ever burst, it will not break into little sharp edged pieces - considerably reducing the risk of injury for you and your family.