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The Ultimate in Quality and Style

Every up and over door we supply is built with quality, safety, aesthetics, convenience and of course engineering excellence. A wide variety of styles means you're sure to find the perfect door to complement your home.

Choose Your Door Type

up and over garage door typesUp & Over doors are available with either canopy or retractable type operating gear.

The Difference Between Retractable & Canopy

Retractable doors move on horizontal tracks and slides fully into the garage when open. Same range of materials and colours and designs as the canopy. It requires a higher level of skill for installation.

Canopy doors pivot on vertical tracks and protrude from the line of the building when in the open position. Available in many materials, colours and designs to enhance the look of any property. Steel being the most economical, also available in timber, maintenance free GRP ( Glass Reinforced Polyester ) and ABS, robust impact resistant material which is easy to clean. Simple to install but requires sound product knowledge, the spring, being under tension, can pose a safety hazard to the unwary installer. By far the most commonly fitted door in the UK.

Automation & Accessories

up and over garge door automation ExmouthAll our up & over garage doors can be fitted with automation equipment, making your garage and home safer and door operation more convenient.

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