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Many residential properties have gates on their driveway but more often than not these are left open simply because it is a hassle to get out of their cars to open and close them. It goes without saying that an open gate is not a gate! Installing electric gates solves this problem, by making it as easy as a touch of a button to open and close your gates.

In the past, having driveway electric gates was only available to the wealthy. However, as new affordable technology has been brought to market, more and more people are now able to automate their entrances.

A wide range of different construction materials, gate designs and different automation technology is available to provide the security that everyone is looking for.

Electric Gate Openers

Underground gate openers are by far the most popular for swing gates. These hidden motor units sit in steel casings set below ground under the gate hinge point. These can be used for most metal or timber gates and they are also sometimes referred to as 'SUB' operators.

Above ground gate openers are usually called rams. These are placed on the rear of the gate and although very efficient at moving large heavy gates, are visible on the rear of the gate. On a metal gate these motors can be seen through the steel bars. These operators are very often used when automating existing gates, as well as a cost effective alternative to underground gate automation.